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“Easy to talk to and work with. He has helped me to learn new things and upgrade my existing skills to a higher standard”

- Jaime D, UI Design

“Ruben's guidance throughout Foundations and the UX Academy really made a difference for me. What stood out for me was his passion for design and his genuine desire to see me succeed. He could empathize and understand what I needed mentally and emotionally throughout the course. At times I needed to be challenged, other times I needed some encouragement and praise - either way, I always left our calls feeling more knowledgeable, supported, and inspired. I'm grateful to have gone through this experience under his guidance. Now that I've graduated, I'm grateful to have him as a peer and a friend.”

- Galo N, UX Academy

“Ruben is truly a good mentor. He is highly flexible. His dedication and commitment to my growth are greatly appreciated. His wealth of experience is matched only by his eagerness to share his knowledge with others. I feel lucky to have such a supportive and knowledgeable mentor.”

- khatere F, UI Design

“I would like it give massive shoutout to Ruben for his time and meaningful reviews during my course. On our mentorship sessions, additionally to the course materials feedback, we ended up discussing industry-related and design -related topics, which were very interesting and insightful. Ruben pays a lot of attention to the details, which was also very nice and helped me a lot in going my UI skill to a higher level.”

- Elena K, UI Design

“Ruben was a fantastic mentor, he is very knowledgeable and it shows that he enjoys teaching. I wanted to learn more about Figma while completing the course and Ruben showed me a lot of features I didn’t know and gave demonstrations during our mentor calls. He gave useful feedback on all the assignments and it was great to talk about the industry.”

- Sarah O, UI Design

“Ruben is very knowledgeable and responsive as a mentor. He is good at flexibly meeting students' needs and providing outside resources to support areas of growth. Overall, Ruben is a gem within the program!”

- Darby T, UX Academy

“Being a person who has been self-motivated for many years, I had doubts that I would be able to find a mentor who could push me in the ways I needed. Throughout my journey at UX Academy, Ruben exceeded all my expectations and was a game-changer. Over the five months we worked together, he helped me take my UX/UI skillset from proficient to excellent. Ruben was patient, offered clear and constructive criticism, helped me to define and communicate my design decisions clearly, and pushed me to the next level. Anyone who works with him is fortunate and will undoubtedly enjoy the warmth and vast knowledge he brings to the table. I recommend Ruben to anyone looking to become an exceptional UX/UI designer.”

- Crystal H, UX Academy

“Ruben was an amazing mentor, he was very thoughtful and informative! He pushed me throughout the course to do my best and more. Went over and beyond with helpful information and being supportive during my time with him in Foundations. Would 100% recommend him as a mentor to others!”

- Alaina M, UX Academy Foundations

“I’ve been lucky to have Ruben as my mentor throughout the journey of learning UI. I'm blown away by his generosity in terms of time and energy. Our conversations have proved to be very thought-provoking. He is very analytical, rigorous, insightful, and accurate. And also realistic about what is achievable. I think having Ruben as a mentor is really making a difference and is helping my career development.”

- Manuela M, UX Academy Foundations

“Ruben Alegre Dias. I thought he was an excellent mentor and provided me with a lot of useful real-world information. He was friendly and always on time for our meetings. The feedback he gave me on my projects was very useful and always encouraging. 10/10 would recommend!”

- Elise E, UX Academy Foundations

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