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“Nishant played a pivotal role as my mentor throughout my UX design journey. His guidance has been indispensable, significantly boosting my confidence and growth as a designer. His consistent support and insightful feedback helped me establish a strong foundation for a successful career. Under his mentorship, I consistently exceeded my own expectations, and my passion for UX design was further nurtured. What truly sets him apart is his remarkable ability to strike a perfect balance between offering unwavering support and motivating me to push my boundaries and achieve greater heights through dedicated effort. His mentorship goes beyond just advice; it instills motivation and determination. I'm profoundly thankful for the profound impact he has had on my professional journey. Nishant, your exceptional mentorship has been instrumental in shaping the designer I am today. Thank you for everything.”

- Rishika S, UX Academy

“Nishant is one of the most exceptional mentors I've had the privilege of learning from. With his humble nature and remarkable design expertise, he has not only imparted invaluable knowledge but also fostered my growth as both a designer and an individual. Under Nishant's guidance, I learned to tackle design problems systematically and collaborate effectively with developers, stakeholders, and users. His insights have shaped my approach, making me a more empathetic and effective designer. Thank you, Nishant.”

- Akashdeep S, UX Academy

“Nishant was my mentor as I began my journey in UX design, and his guidance has been invaluable to my growth and confidence as a designer. Nishant’s willingness to provide unwavering support and constructive feedback has helped me build a solid foundation for career success. Under his mentorship, I exceeded my own expectations for myself and strengthened my affinity for methodical design. I hope to pay it forward by mentoring others one day with the same dedication. Thank you, Nishant!”

- Alyssa L, UX Academy

“Nishant is by far one of the most outstanding mentors I've had the privilege of being under the guidance of. He has such a huge breadth of knowledge and expertise in the field of design, and isn't afraid to challenge his students to think outside the box, and do better. Nishant is a people-first type of individual, and I feel honored to have experienced this first hand, as he had been such a consistent support throughout my UX Design journey. Because of Nishant, I have grown to appreciate and understand the world of design, and am looking forward to seeing where my career will take me professionally. Thank you Nishant, thank you!”

- Jennifer L, UX Academy

“Nishant has been an extraordinary mentor, guiding me through my UX design journey with an abundance of knowledge and unwavering generosity. His plethora of insights and real-world perspectives has enriched my understanding and passion for this field beyond measure. What sets him apart is his unique ability to strike the perfect balance between offering unwavering support and encouraging me to reach greater heights through hard work. I feel incredibly grateful as Nishant not only invested in my professional growth but also exhibited genuine care and concern for my well-being. His empathy and thoughtful advice have been a guiding light during challenging times, and his accommodating nature made me feel valued and respected. Thank you!”

- Emine C, UX Academy

“Nishant was a great mentor to me. What has stood out to me most is Nishant's pragmatic and research-based approach. Through his guidance, I've learned how to base my design decisions on concrete user research and evidence, and designed projects whose solutions I feel confident and proud of. Moreover, Nishant goes above an expected mentor's duties in providing lots of helpful resources, creating a community of students, always being available and prompt at responding to queries, and being personally invested in his mentees' professional success. I feel very fortunate to learn from Nishant's expertise.”

- Tara R, UX Academy

“Nishant was my mentor for the second phase of my Design Lab UX Academy course. These are a few things I observed about my experience as his mentee. He is very passionate about his students and constantly sent us resources and advice. He was constantly helping us help each other (a sign of a very good teacher) and referred us to other students or links that would inspire us or help us solve design or tool problems. He somehow knew when I felt unmotivated and checked in on me to make sure I was on track. He knew my weaknesses and pain points and suggested solutions - I feel more detail-oriented in my designs now. His standards were high when mine weren’t - he knew I could always do better which really pushed me to know and love my work. He focused the sessions on our work and did not waste any time - he was very efficient and orderly during our sessions, tackling one topic of discussion at a time. He gave me great advice about interviews, job search preparation and information about the current industry. I loved hearing about his own journey in tech to get to where he is now as it was very inspiring. I am grateful to have gotten to know and work with Nishant Bali!”

- Loisel W, UX Academy

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