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“Jeff was a great mentor! Throughout the course, he provided extremely helpful and detailed feedback and shared valuable insights into the design industry. He also always recommended resources for me to explore to help build my design skills. I learned a lot from him!”

- Joyce W, Design 101

“Jeff has been an awesome mentor and a wealth of knowledge throughout my Design 101 course. Feedback was always comprehensive and thought provoking, which encouraged me to continue iterating. He is super open to discuss anything, and gave me a lot of valuable feedback on the industry, portfolio reviews, and the interview process. I learned a lot in 4 weeks, but there is still so much more to learn. With Jeff's mentorship, I had more direction, and therefore encouragement to continue expanding my projects and building them into stronger portfolio pieces.”

- Michelle W, Design 101

“Jeff was a fantastic mentor during my Design 101 course. He's been a huge source of knowledge and guidance - giving me comprehensive feedback and design tips as I progress through the course and iterate on projects. Jeff also provided lots of valuable insight into the industry and what it's like to work at a design focused company.”

- Ian L, Design 101

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