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“Elham Ali exceeded my expectations as my mentor. She was approachable, articulate, knowledgeable about industry best practices, and inspiring in her work! In my project critiques, she offered resources and very detailed feedback to expand my thought process and encouraged me to explore answers instead of offering "the right answer." In our one on one sessions, she provided practice challenges on problem solving and gave me valuable insight and tips on career transition. I learned a great amount from Elham! Any student will be lucky to be paired with her!”

- Chlarize C, Design 101

“Elham is amazing. She went above and beyond in each of our sessions to check my understanding of the materials, provide insight on design tips, and encourage me to get in the job field! She has made this course personal and educational at a level far and away above any other online course I have taken.”

- Rebekah W, Design 101

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