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What students say

“Dan was a great mentor! He helped me to go deep in the research and construction of my problem. He really takes the time to help and advise, you can ask all the questions you want, he always takes them into account. He invests at 300% in his role as a mentor, and it pushes you to do the same.”

- Charlotte C, UX Research & Strategy

“My mentor was very professional as a mentor and an experienced UX Designer. A benefitted very much from his knowledge and willingness to help. Dan encouraged me to learn and benefit from the course as much as possible, So, I would give him the highest rate as a Mentor!”

- Jaz M, Design 101

“Dan was a great mentor. He always reviewed my work really quickly and was specific about how and where to focus on in order to get designs to where they needed to be. He changed the way I view design, and working with him has taught me a huge amount in a short space of time. He took the time to understand what I wanted from the course and gave me a good insight into the design process, as well as the industry itself.”

- Tay N, Design 101

“Dan was an AMAZING mentor, who understands what I want to take away from the course, then encourages me to produce work that goes beyond the Designlab curriculum! I really feel like my mentor sessions with Dan are the highlights of this course, and am grateful for his help and comments that keeps me motivated and on track :)”

- Phoebe T, UX: Interaction Design

“Dan has been really nice and his feedbacks did help me a lot. :)”

- Zoe P, Design 101

“Dan was amazing! He was very friendly and always gave me good constructive feedback about my work and made sure that I got the most out of the course as per my needs”

- Salma E, UX: Interaction Design

“Dan was fantastic! He always pushed me to go above and beyond for each project, giving great feedback and advice, while putting emphasis on making me think rather than just giving me the answers.”

- Taylor M, Design 101

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