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What students say

“Crystal was a fantastic mentor. She helped guide me through the Foundations course and consistently gave helpful and insightful feedback. She was a pleasure to talk to and I always looked forward to our sessions. Her experience in design was obvious and proved to be invaluable. She gave advice on the Foundations coursework but also answered many of my questions about pursuing a UX career. Ultimately, my experience with Crystal was a big part of the reason I decided to move forward and enroll in UX Academy!”

- Daniel C, UX Academy Foundations

“Crystal is a great mentor: insightful, thorough, friendly, and supportive. She helped me to grow into a UX designer over the course. Her feedback was always insightful and valuable. I enjoyed our conversation about design thinking and decision. She was always open, did not tell me what to do, rather she asked the reason and the connection between user research, which is really important in the UX journey. She helped me to gain confidence in my design decision and the profession. Also, Crystal was happy to share her experience in the industry and answer my questions regarding the daily life of a UX designer. I am really thankful that I had Crystal as my mentor.”

- Jin H, UX Academy

“Crystal’s style of mentoring is really great and super helpful. The level of knowledge and experience Crystal has is invaluably helpful and educational. Crystal takes the time to teach the small details, which is just like the best thing ever. The biggest thing to me is the follow-through. Crystal follows through with the plan that is put forward, totally gets done, in the best way too. I enjoyed the feedback that Crystal gave on the recorded videos that was made available to me for iterations. Those videos made for me, made it possible to go back and review the feedback, huge difference!”

- Caleb S, UX Academy Foundations

“Crystal has been amazing to work with and gives very thorough feedback and encourages though process and not just giving a better solution.”

- Myah O, Design 101

“She was thoughtful, experienced, and extremely helpful in providing constructive criticism in all my work. Her advice on how to intersect accessibility needs and proven design has been immensely helpful in developing my UX/UI design style. She is an attentive mentor and it was my pleasure to work with her!”

- Rachel O, UX Academy Foundations

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