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What students say

“Lucas was a fantastic mentor - he helped push my design thinking and consistently provided really helpful and thought out feedback. I also appreciated his willingness to help me navigate this career transition and the decision to move forward with UX Academy.”

- Livia A, Design 101

“Lucas always offers helpful and constructive feedback on projects. Additionally, he provides a variety of useful design resources and an insightful career story.”

- Kelly M, Design 101

“Lucas gives lots of detailed and helpful feedback, and really helps you focus on the main goal of your project. He provided lots of extra supporting material as well, and was very open and encouraging when answering all my questions about career transitioning.”

- Taylor L, Design 101

“Super patient and gives great feedback. Lucas always comes prepared with comments and supporting material. He offers an interesting background and journey to his product design position that is relatable and encouraging for those looking to switch to this field.”

- Shannon K, Design 101

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